Hi there! How was the view around you? Is it comfortable enough, or you think it can be improved? Is there at least one big tree around your home? Please excuse me if I ask you many questions. I want to invite you to start something right after reading this note. Like a big tree with thousands of branches, all of the things in life have their own timeline and process. Do you realize that we tend to try many things until we form our habits, things that we can do naturally without consideration. If I was asking you, what will be your habit? You don’t have to be in a rush, you can grab a paper and start writing it one by one, or maybe you can open the note on your smart phone. Are you still confused about where to start? Be calm; Agrituner Initiative will be your accompany in 2021 with the inspiration to make 12 Good Habits that are related to agriculture, the environment, and climate change. Let’s hope that the habit that we want to form together can be different for a better environment!