Bandung – February 19/AgritunerComm/ After having 4 months of program development and preparation, the Agrituner Initiative finally launched their movement in SMA Telkom Bandung.

This year, Agrituner want to create a better awareness of youths in terms of agricultural climate resilience-starting on Saturday, 17 February. With the help of climate activist around the world, Agrituner Initiative provide an education platform for youth to be more aware about climate especially the one who related with agriculture. Nouhad Awwad from the Arab Youth Climate Movement and Marie Claire from Switzerland Sustainability week also take part to encourage youth in the opening session of the workshop.  The workshop consist of capacity building and interactive dialogue between participant and the facilitator.

As Marie Claire state that “We need to educate, motivate, and inspire people towards a sustanability lifestyle”, Agrituner Initiative encourage youth from SMA Telkom Bandung to learn more about daily life emission. Students are obligated to define what sector contribute the most for the global emission and how to overcome it with a simple behavioral change. In fact, none of the student categorized that food consumption and agricultural sector is one of the biggest contributor of the global emission. This circumstances indicate that most of the participant not really aware about their role in the global emission from daily food consumption. From what we learn, this occasion not only happen here but already happened almost everywhere. There is a need for people to be more aware about their impact for climate change, even from a simple act of their daily routine.

Tackling climate change is a collaborative effort and a long term journey. “ We are all youth wherever we are, in Indonesia, Lebanon, India, America, all of us have the same responsibility and obligatory to fight the climate change,” said Nouhad Awwad.  It is our time to take care of the planet.

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