Bandung- March 6/AgritunerComm/ On the third workshop, which was also the last week of our very first project in SMA Telkom Bandung, Agrituner Initiative invited the students to have an experience in the urban-farming world.

The urban farming workshop is conducted to educate the students of how to grow their own food in the simplest way possible, and also to appreciate local farmers with the agricultural products. The collaborative effort to encourage the number of urban farming also have been supported by Mr. Ridwan Kamil, Bandung City Mayor (period: 2013-2018). Quoted from his statement on, Mr. Ridwan Kamil stated that urban farming can help Bandung city to achieve food security in the future.

Harlino, Ainun, and the team from Agrituner, facilitated the students to learn more about urban farming with hydrophonic wicked system. The students were so enthusiast as they never learned a single thing about urban farming before.  The method that we taught about urban farming consisted of using used plastic bottle as a container. This plastic bottle will be filled up with fertilizer nutrient and connected with a wick and rockwool as the media. Plant material that we used as a plant example was ‘Kangkung’ or known as Ipomoea aquatica seeds. Since the materials that we used in the workshop was easily to find nearby in the farm shop, that would make it even easier for the students to try again the method at their home. The reason why we reuse plastic bottle as the container, along with convenient steps of using it, it is lso can be beneficial for the effort of minimizing plastic waste by put it to another use.

Learning output from this workshop is that the students are expected to be able grow their own food back at their home as well as raise their awareness of the importance of agriculture and the climate resilience.


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