Bandung- February 26/AgritunerComm/ Having bad weather in the whole week and suffering flood around the area doesn’t make the students from SMA Telkom Bandung reluctant to come to the second workshop of Agrituner.

Heavy rain and flood already become a classic problem for the people who live in Dayeuh kolot, Bojongsoang, and the area nearby. Sadly, it is also the problem that the students are facing off. Even one day before the workshop, at some particular location, the water level reach up to adult waist and paralyzed all of the traffic on the main road that connects Bandung to Banjaran. Fortunately, some students are be able to join the workshop and learn how to overcome it.

The second workshop of Agrituner Initiative bring up the theme of Youth Role in Climate Action. Agrituner Initiative want to encourage students in SMA Telkom Bandung to be more interested to do the real action and spread the influence. The workshop divide into two sessions which have a different invited speakers. For the first session, the students are having an interactive video call with Marie Claire from the Switzerland Sustainability Week. Time differencies doesn’t let Marie to keen in having the call with the students. Marie talked about how she started a movement with a simple act but have a big impact for the society in Switzerland. She also challenge the students to start their own movement back in Indonesia. On the other hand, also joining us in the workshop was Mikhaila Klaudine Rosales from the Philippines Movement for Climate Justice. Mikhaila is one of the young activist from Philippines that also joined for the COP 23. Mikhaila share her expertise on youth action to the students and encourage them to be more aware with what is happening around them.

Mikhaila concluded her session with a statement that “We need to do something about our climate, because if we don’t the earth will no longer be a planet where we can live for”. From the workshop that have been done, there is a hope that the students can be the agent of change who can foster their neighborhood to be more aware about climate and the environmental issues.




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