Bandung- October 1/AgritunerComm/ Agrituner had held the second realization of GENTRA program, an education for youth in a form of workshop and easy step-by-step experiential learning, to encourage more about climate action according to their own passion to raise people awareness of climate change in terms of agriculture, environmental issues, and waste management. Through this agricultural workshop program, Agrituner facilitate high school students with the awareness about climate resilient and equip them with the skill of making hydroponic wicked system. However, the influence of a big purpose would impact better if it was done together. The involvement of wider community and people are certainly expected. In the latest Gentra program realization, nineteen high schools students from SMPN 26 Bandung, Jl. Sarimanah Blok 23 Sarijadi Bdg, had actively took a part in. Besides the facilitators of Agrituner, two international speakers were invited to give their knowledge about climate change to the students. They were Mikhaila Rosales from the Philippines, Mikhaila is a climate activist from the Philippines Movement for Climate Justice that already went to UNFCCC COP 23. Mikhaila had enlighten the students with the insights about climate change and what is the youth role to take collaborative action in overcoming it. Agrituner also invited Jinjuta Masook from Thailand, she is the Co-Founder of Asian Youthquake that have aims to promote a better understanding among the Asian communities through a knowledge sharing platform. She gave the students knowledge about how dangerous the plastic waste is and what can they do to prevent the plastic apocalypse.

After two fruitful sessions, students start to actively mentioning about their biggest take away from both distinguish speakers. They said, there are three significant actions that are possibly done by youth to prevent the climate change. Not only to get decent amount of information about climate change itself, they need to share the knowledge gained to the society. A lot of aspects they can share start from a simple thing like to reduce a plastic usage in a daily basis. Furthermore, they are willing to participate in organization that concerned to environment and the climate change. The participation of students in GENTRA program could be considered as one of the attempt for youth to take a part in climate resilient.

Just like in the previous GENTRA program, this time we also equip these students with the knowledge and the skill to make simple hydroponic wicked system. It taught the students that foods were possible to be planted even from these very simple tools and equipments. Besides, it’s not that excessive if this workshop activity was also expected to emerge the interest of agriculture in every students heart. (Sarah Meilani/AIMedCo)

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