AGRITUNER, Bandung, October 13th 2018 ─ Around dozens of kids gathered in that room looked at each other. Being puzzled and confused were sparked in their eyes. The other seemed so doubtful and probably have unspoken dissent towards the question. Danae repeated the question for the twice, “Is there anybody here wants to be a farmer?”. Perhaps, the idea of being a farmer is something that didn’t come through to be a dream occupation for 12 years old kids today. When it comes to farming, wet dirty soil, not so dressy suit, working under the sunlight, and living far away from the city were appeared in Oriza’s, Zaki’s, and the other student’s minds who happened to join Gentra workshop in 9 Junior High School, Bandung.

Even so, surprising responses were showed by the kids when they began to make the wicked system hydroponic. Wick system hydroponic is
the simplest of all six types of hydroponic systems. And wick system hydrponic is an easy type of system to build when first learning about hydroponics,  that is very  applicable to be done by these kids. Enthusiasm, desire, and willingness to learn were mirrored in their behaviors. Farming perhaps might still be something abstract for the kids. In this case, Agrituner had tried to give them a real experience about the rarely known idea of farming through Gentra Workshop. Gentra is a concrete manifestation of our efforts in developing agriculture. Preventing the climate change is a capacious purpose to be achieved only by an association. The involvement of many groups and social communities are genuinely needed. Agrituner believes that it is possible to be achived if everyone begin to think about a constructive change. It doesn’t have to be started from a big one to change the world, a good change happens when it is done from the little thing, from ourselves, and from now. Probably, Danae Espinoza also believed in it. She is the co-founder members of the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Climate Movement (CLIC!) . With the help from Danae, students of 9 Junior High School Bandung had a fruitful discussion about environment.

In the third Gentra realization, Danae had a chance to give the new perspective for the kids about how important their roles for the environment. Danae believes that self awareness towards environment is a fundamental thing.

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