The relationship between human an plastic is like a two side of coins. Plastic in any kind of forms have already somehow become the most important item for our daily needs. We are tend to choose plastic rather than other options and indirectly launched these versatile item into the top of our heart where no one can replaced it. Admit it, even in our home, we might have a plastic bag full of plastic bags for particular needs. Have you ever think about how much plastic you use everyday?

Take example if you buy drink water from a single-use plastic cup or bottle at least one per day. In a week, you will generate at least 7 items of plastic waste. It’s just a plastic cup per day, said 8 billion people. Not only contributing in landfilling problems, plastic is not easy to decompose in the environment. Almost every single piece of plastic ever made still exists out there. As the people’s awareness are raised up, the society now currently working on the solution of how can we overcome plastic waste issue. Looking this issue from agriculture perspective, there are a lot of things we can do to actively become the part of the solution. In a simple way, we can start by 3 simple action such as :

  •  Bottle and cups for simple hydrophonic

Rather than thinking non degradable plastic as a threat, why don’t we take it as our advantage. With a touch of our creative hands, a used plastic cup can become a pot tray for our very own vegetables. Go beyond that, we can set up a mini hydrophonic garden from the plastic bottles and cups combined.

  • Design your own homemade crafts

A homemade crafts such as pencil case, tissue box, or even a beautiful fake flower can be made from a plastic waste. Plastic items sometimes have unique shape and colours that help us to create a beautiful pattern for our crafts. This activity is simple an easy to be done, we only need a tape, glue, scissor, and additional sewing equipment if needed.

  • Use a reusable bag

This activity is the simplest one to actively participate in fighting a plastic waste. Yup, just use a reusable bag that suit you in your daily activity. Not only the item can be fashionable, using reusable bag is somehow have a lot of benefits for the environment. By time, we can reduce the use of plastic bag, shaping our awareness, and spread the impact for people around us.

Once we start considering about the possible solutions for plastic waste issue, we will start to notice how much impact a single person can do. The use of plastic as a part of our daily lives is not something to deny about, we just need to accept it and think of how we can overcome the challenge. A simple act, can  be the difference between success and failure. Take your action now.

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