Bandung March 30th 2019. The second GENTRA in 2019 was held in SMPN 9 Bandung (Jl. Semar No. 5). Just like in the previous week, a number of school students actively participated in a series of activities consisting of seedling and making hydroponics from used bottles.

The first activity was seeding in the seedling pot and nursery tray. The ingredients for each students received a tray to be filled with soil and plant seeds like pakcoy, green lettuce, red lettuce, caisim and spinach. In each tray, there are around 2-4 seeds of plant seeds. The activity is continued by making hydroponics using rockwool planting media. The use of used drinking water bottles is an alternative that attempts to reuse unused items. Although it is simple, each student tries to decorate it using paint to make it more interesting to see. Hydroponics is then filled with lettuce seed.

Both of these seed planting containers are placed in the school reforestation area. During the time course, the Agrituner Initiative team will continue to monitor the progress of the seed planting process. Hopefully, through this activity can provide awareness and love for students to take part in maintaining the Earth.

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