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As we all so passionate about doing something for our environment, let’s have a better understanding of what we are going to do. For the start, let’s begin with get to know more about recycling, downcycling, and upcycling.


Waste and other discarded things have a clear distinction in terms of how we use it. In general, we called it as a recycling, an attempt to collect and process all of the materials that would considered as trash by turning them into a new products. Then, a question appears, what about upcycling and downcyling, are they a different thing with recycling? Well, the simple answer is, both upcycling and downcycling are examples of recycling. What makes it different was upcycling is purposed to convert discarded things into something of equal or having a greater value while downcycling is purposed to convert the materials into something of lesser value than the original.

Still confused?
Let’s have a better look


Tipically, it requires creativity and sense of art to upcycle items.

We have a bunch of patchwork and used plastic bottles. Patchwork was the excess of cloth making and used plastic bottles are usually thrown away without hesitation. Both of these materials now are no longer wanted and left to be landfilled. Instead of doing so, we can save the materials and transform it into a simple plant’s pot to grow our vegetables from home. By doing so, the excess materials is upcycled into something that has more value than the original materias.


Actually, most of recycling attempt can be considered as downcycling. One of the examples is with the patchwork, if we transform the patchwork into a yarn, then we can call it a downcycle, since the yarn having a lesser value than a patchwork. Another example is paper recycle attempt. Recycled paper is having lesser quality than the original paper, they are often come in thinner and weaker looks.

Clearly, all of the form to transform things into something else was important to generate less waste in the environment. Both upcycling and downcycling are important components to make a closed loop manufacturing system, where any material created is collected and recycled to make the run of next products. It is up to us to take the opportunity and use our creativity in a good ways. (Writer: Harlino)

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