A Learning Platform for Young Generation

Agrituner Initiative is an organization that provides a learning platform to educate the young generation regarding agriculture and climate change. Since established in 2017, Agrituner has made it easier for the youth to learn about agriculture, the environment, and climate change through our training, workshops, and insights in supporting knowledge. Today, more than 500 young generations from diverse backgrounds are ever involved in our movements, and the number continues to grow.

We are on a mission!

Our society has a right to experience a greener and healthier environment where there is a sustainable lifestyle inspired by nature. Its our belief that significant role of young generation will be the difference for the future we imagine, a climate resilience society that has a strong understanding regarding related topics. That’s why we are dedicated to developing step by step education in agriculture that empower young generation to provide meaningful impact in the communities.

We are more than just a learning platform, we enable community.

On November 2020, Agrituner in collaboration with Taman Harapan Muhammadiyah Orphanage receive a project grant from Pundi Hijau to start an aquaponic garden installation.

The program was performed for three consecutive months and generating …….